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Evolution of Human on Earth is contrast to the Darwin's Theory of Evolution

Aug 15, 2023

Human evolution on earth is not the part of the evolution of living organisms on earth explained by Darwin. There are many examples that support that, human is the hybrid organism of the living organisms on the earth and aliens. This video is a scientific logical explanation of for this fact.

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Feb 26, 2021

Family, the fundamental unit of Human Civilisation, is being deadly infected by the Capitalist Political System (CPS). This is leading to the serious disintegration of Family Institution. CPS is the system, in which unregulated/uncontrolled capitalists interfere in the affairs of the states politically worldwide. These capitalists globally are making the states dance on their finger tips. This CPS is infecting every organ of Human Civilisation that are family institution, economic system, education system, religion, etc.

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Scientific Religion to eliminate the religious threats to the mankind and for the sustained advancement of the civilisation

Jan 07, 2021

Human society can not be imagined without religion as long as the human intelligence fails to prove that "God does not exist". Under strong control and regulation of state, religion, not science, adds meaning to human life and supports the sustained advancement of human civiliastion.

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Brain economy to solve the unemployment problem in the world completely and boost the world economies

Dec 05, 2020

World unemployment problem can be solved completely and the world can register a double digit global GDP if the economies are designed in tune with the structures of human brains and education system and economy are in fast communication with each other.

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Jul 25, 2020

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