Evolution of Human on Earth is contrast to the Darwin's Theory of Evolution

Abhishek Kumar Jul 26, 2020 26:45 AM

Human evolution on earth is not the part of the evolution of living organisms on earth explained by Darwin. There are many examples that support that, human is the hybrid organism of the living organisms on the earth and aliens. This video is a scientific logical explanation of for this fact.

Darwin's theory, Von Deniken's theory, Alien's theory, Evolution of Human on Earth, god and goddes, etc are some of many phylosophies regarding the evolution of living organisms on earth and evolution of human on earth.

Actually evolution of living creatures on earth and evolution of human on earth are two different aspects of evolution. Darwin's theory explains the evolution of creatures on earth very beautifully, but surely it fails when it tries to explain the evolution of human race on this planet.

I have tried to explain it with a scientific logic in a video. Watch it carefully and try to find out the other possible ways that can broadly explain the evolution of human. Click the link below for the video.


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Pedda Thirupalu Bandari | 03/08/2020 04:54

Really thought awakening article.

Thirupalu | 26/07/2020 11:01

A wonderful logic. It paves the way to question many established scientific conceptions. It is the right way of proceeding in scientific proof. Well done. This type of critical scientific thinking will add wings to scientific imagination which is the base for scientific research. Keep it up.