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Mr. B P Thirupalu,

Maths Teaching Faculty, 

Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya,

District : Mathura, U.P - 281401.

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Contact No. 09457955503.



I am, basically a mathematics teaching faculty, for the last more than twenty years in a premier institution under the government of India. Right from childhood I have been a creative and an innovative individual who takes fancy in finding new things.

Besides that I have much concern for the society and mankind as a whole. I started researching the new techniques in teaching technology, the most neglected field in terms of research, to make pedagogy a fun-filled and joyful experience. This is as an effort to alleviate the burden on the teacher and the taught both.

 But in the process of my research, I realized the fact that education system is one of the organs of the system of human civilization which is composed of many strongly interconnected organs such as economy, society, religion, polity, family, etc.

Human Civilisation is a web of strongly interconnected components such as education system, family, economy, religion, culture, polity, etc

 If one wants to address the problems of education system, one should understand the interconnection among these organs of the System of Human Civilization (SHC). Then only one can go to the root cause of the problems of any organ of the SHC.

Once we understand the root cause of the problems, it is easy to find the solutions. When I proceeded in this way, I got at the fact that, the principal cause of the human ailments lies in the weak democracies existing worldwide, which are leading to weak states.

These weak states are failing to put, the capitalistic system existing worldwide, under strong control.

The side effects of the unregulated capitalistic system are such gigantic that they can put an end to the entire the human civilization at any point of time because they are infecting every nuke and corner of SHC like a strong virus.

The one stop solution to save this human world from the manmade threats is to strengthen the democracies existing worldwide, because democracy is the only scientific form of government which can see that the SHC lasts longer on the earth.

The strength of democracy lies in the educated subjects of it. Hence, the immediate need of the hour is to educate the mankind in tune with the new times and in a futuristic way. Not only that, the pace of scientific research is moving at snail pace.

This can only be realized when the humans come across the intelligent inter planetary or inter gal axial living systems (Aliens). It is possible to make the humans, the most intelligent living systems in the universe by accelerating the pace of the scientific research.

Human Life has become hell on the earth. This is possible to make it a joyful experience and make the earth, the most suitable place for human living. I started a mission to achieve the above objectives by 2031 at least 17 years ago.

 But my work is moving at snail pace because of my personal, official, environmental constraints and limitations. I named this mission as Mission 2031. As a part of it, I designed many teaching techniques which are cost effective, joyful and time effective and have been implementing in my class room teaching and obtaining thumping results.

 I invented new postulates in economy, education system, religion, polity, science, etc. I do not have time and resources to test them, prove their truth value and write to journals by adhering to their strict rules, for publishing.

But the world of researchers would not accept any ideas/postulates unless they are proved. But it is foolish, if I do not give vent to these ideas and suppress them in my mind. The people, who have time and resources at their disposal, may try to experiment and prove them and this will accelerate the scientific development unbelievably.

Like me, there must be billions of people who have ideas in their minds because almost every human has the spirit of scientific inquiry by birth. The present education system is unable to nurture this quality and trying to suppress it.

But due to the lack of time, resources and suitable environment, they are doing nothing other than forgetting about them in course of time, due to the busy human life or any other reason.

One of the objectives of this site is to provide platform for me and for them to promote Multilevel Scientific Research (MSR) which includes the entire human population who have the asset of their imagination, experience in their respective field and the aptitude/interest in the task of scientific research.

It is wrong to say that a formal scientist, who has educational degrees with him/her, only can do the research. In fact, a farmer, a labourer, a mechanic who repairs machines, etc, who has that aptitude, can also become the part of researchers, if a platform is provided to him/her.

The research may belong to any field for eg : Agriculture, industry, economy, polity, designing of physical, virtual systems, society, religion, governance, etc. The credit of any invention/discovery will go to the different people involved in different stages of inventing/discovering it.

This is a small part of my Mission 2031. 

Any individual can upload any idea of him/her by registering on this site. If any idea of any individual clicks, he/she will be benefitted through royalties, recognitions, etc, if that idea is implemented by anyone.

This will be done by those people/institutions/governments/corporate bodies who are implementing it. Any individual can visit the site, take the ideas and test, experiment, prove, etc.

The MSR(Multilevel Scienific Research) similar to the work done in an apparel export company in which a worker stitches only buttons, the other stitches only collars, one does only cutting of the cloth, one does only packing of the dress, etc.

Multilevel task execution in apparel  industry

The drawing stage on the cloth

Cutting stage of the cloth

Stitching stage of the cloth

When the cloth passes through all these stages and reaches the last worker, the product becomes ready for marketing. The credit of the manufacturing of the cloth goes to all the workers who involved in different stages of the production, till the finally finished product comes out.

The scope of this site will be extended to a complete research site later. For eg : It may provide the animations how a particular electronic/electrical/mechanical machine works.

 People/students/research scholars/scientists can visit the site, take the knowledge, prove the ideas, get new ideas and give way for new discoveries/inventions.

Presently, I will start the site as said in the above said lines. I will be posting my scientific articles/ideas/postulates/questions and let others to do the same on this site.


The principal objectives, in building this site in a nutshell as part of mission 2031

  1. To educate the humans about the ways and means to save the human civilization from its early extinction, through research articles by posting regularly on this site by me and the users.
  2. To make the humans the most intelligent living systems in the universe by accelerating the snail pacing scientific research of humans through Coordinated Scientific Research (Multilevel Scientific Research) as mentioned above.
  3. To make the earth the most suitable place for human living.
  4. To make human life a joyful experience on the earth.

In a single sentence, to meet the “Mission 2031” of which, the above are the objectives.

I hope, If, God exists, he/she will shower the blessings on me to succeed in this Christian deed i.e meeting the “Mission 2031”.

 If any person or institution or corporate body or a state (government), wants to join hands with me, in the whole of it or in any part of this mission, I welcome them with open arms with some conditions. 

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