Brain economy to solve the unemployment problem in the world completely and boost the world economies

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World unemployment problem can be solved completely and the world can register a double digit global GDP if the economies are designed in tune with the structures of human brains and education system and economy are in fast communication with each other.


All the threats to human civilisation are being fuelled by unemployment. If unemployment problem is solved, the lion's share of these threats to the civilisation can be vanished. It is possible to solve the problem of unemployment by designing the economy in tune with the structures of the human brains. Different people have different high blood flow locations in their brains. People excel well in the skills corresponding to these high blood flow locations/circuits. If the people are provided the job related to these skills, the economy can grow unbelievably. The education system, in the entire period of educating a child identifies the skill/skills in which a perticular child can excel. The education system nurtures those skills and impart the other knowledge and skills in the child to lead a successful life. Simultaneously, it communicates the data related to the volume of students and their respctive skill in which they can do well  to the economy well in advance so that the economy can provide jobs readily for them when they complete their education. Economy informs the education system what skills are the future demand of the economy. Education system accordingly to shape the individuals to fulfil the demands of economy. This way education system and economy will have the fast communication between them. In this process, if any condition which do not favour the advancement of human civilsiation develops, the WCMO (World Civilisation Management Organisation ) does away with it and guide the states in the favour of advancement of the human civilisation. 


Human civilization worldwide is facing many a challenge. To mention a few are terrorism, unemployment, global warming, arms race, etc. These problems are proving obstacles in the advancement of the civilization. But unemployment problem is fuelling the rest of the problems. If the unemployment problem is rooted out, lion’s share of the human suffering can be vanished.    

This article is about the ways and means to achieve 100 % employment in a comfortable way. Before going to read the article, I request the readers to go through the following acronyms used in the article for the comfortable understanding of the article.

  • CUIC : Comprehensive Unique Identification Code, This is the code given to every entity. For example, humans, machines, business firms, corporates, etc. This code is allotted to the entity at the time of its birth; This code continues to be in existence till the death/closure/disposal of the entity. All the transactions of the entity financial, social, health, etc and all the records of finances, health, education, property, etc are stored in digital form under this code/account. For every transaction, it needs this code and it is recognized in the world by only this code. The small form of this is ADHAR in India. I will discuss about this code at length in a separate article later.


  • WCMO : World Civilizations’ Management Organization. Now it is the need of the hour to believe in the totality of humanity. Human civilization is a system. Every nuke and corner of the civilization is connected either directly or indirectly with the other. If there is any unrest in any corner of the world, it has either direct or indirect impact on the rest of the world. If the problem is to be resolved permanently, a systemic approach is to be adopted. For that, an ultimate powerful and a hundred percent inclusive world platform is needed to be formed which has its affiliates in each country. UNO is the primitive form of it. That affiliate is the ultimate knowledge and power hub with selected members based on their popularity in the world in their respective fields such as economy, education, health, scientific research, religion, social systems, etc. They are not elected members. This body should be a constitutional body in that respective country and should have its say in each and every policymaking procedure. This body can correct the demerits of the democracies to a major extent. In India Knowledge Commission is the primitive form of it. I will discuss about WCMO in a separate article in depth later.
  • DOM : Dynamics Of Matter. This is a set of rules of nature/matter which govern the universe/universes. Whatever the phenomenon is taking place in the universe/universes, is just due to them only.

Anatomic Explanation of Brain Economy

There are many circuits in brain. Every circuit/location corresponds to a particular skill. Blood flows through all these circuits/locations. But some circuits have proper flow of blood due to their suitable physical structure. This suitable physical structure is greatly due to heredity.


Blood flow in Human Brain

 Free blood flow paths in human brain

Considerably a greater part of the energy is supplied to these circuits. So, the individuals can perform extremely well in the skills corresponding to these high flow circuits/locations. In each brain, every day a constant energy is produced.

All the energy produced is to be consumed for an individual to be healthy. If the individual is assigned the job corresponding to these skills, with proper encouragement, they can work constructively, creatively, innovatively, productively and extremely well.

If not done this way, individuals cannot work productively due to the lack of interest, 

They will fulfill formality lacking vigour, innovation, creativity, etc. As a result productivity will come down and the rest of their energy is consumed in destructive activities. Sometimes highly aspired people will develop psychological disorders for not being engaged in the field of their interest.

Such an economy is possible to be designed in which every individual is employed and every individual is assigned the task in which he has the interest and can earn his/her livelihood. That economy can only register the highest growth with consistency.

Who will recognize the skills, nurture them and communicate it to economy. 

In the entire period of educating an individual, the education system will recognize the skills in the individuals and nurture them along with imparting the other knowledge and skills required to lead a successful life in the society and for the advancement of the civilization. The education system will simultaneously be informing the economy about what part of the population is belonging to which skill. This will enable the economy to provide room (placement) for all of them before hand only in their field of interest. Soon after their education, they can be placed readily without being rendered jobless.

A glimpse of education system

What is to be done to accommodate the excess population to ensure 100 % placement

The structures (circuitry) of human brains are driven by heredity, thereby, DOM (Dynamics of Matter, simply termed as the rules of nature). Objectively, they do not know what are human values and interests of human civilisation.

So it may happen that, for example, 100 people have the aptitude to become doctors, but the respective economy needs only 50, this may lead to unemployment. To avoid this, the economy and the education system should always be in fast communication with each other well in advance as I said above .

The education system should train the rest of the 50 people for the other medical related fields, if that is not possible, the economy should create space for them in any other field before they enter the society for jobs.


Hundred percent employment is possible

Inducing the aptitude in humans artificially

It is possible that a person has aptitude to become a doctor. But there is no space in the economy for him in that field and suppose that, the economy due to its compulsions, provides space for him/her in a particular field other than his/her field of interest.

It is possible to induce the aptitude related to that field in him/her by subjecting him/her to long and rigorous training in a comfortable and supporting environment. This rigorous training can increase the blood flow in the corresponding circuit in his/her brain which makes him comfortable and productive worker in that field after a period of time. Of course it is time consuming.

Powerful Advertisements can instill good habits in people

For example, sometimes it may happen that 100 people want to become artists, but there is no space for them in the economy. Then before hand, state/education system should instill in the subjects (citizenry) the habits of appreciating art so that these people will find space in the economy for their earning. This can be done through powerful advertisements and other means.  It is hundred percent possible. For example, the present day advertisements are instilling bad habits such as cigarette smoking, alcohol consumption, etc, in the people. When the negative habits can be instilled easily, in the same way we can instill the positive habits too. A scientific paper on how adverisements change the consumer behavier published in a journal, can be had by clicking on the link


CUIC can provide fast and correct information to the economy and government from time to time 

 The hi-tech CUIC’s (Comprehensive Unique Identification Code) mobile application which allows all the financial transactions, etc from time to time and record transactions, will provide fast and correct information to government and economy to take decisions beforehand. Of course, the lion's share of providing information will be done by the education system. But the Brain Economy has the following demerit.

WCMO will correct the negative effects of DOM and put/guide the states in right path.

Human evolution is driven by Dynamics of Matter (Laws which govern this universe). These are purely objective and do not acknowledge any meaning to human life. It may happen that major portion of the population may prefer/have aptitude for the jobs like doctors, engineers, scientists, etc, who have so called science back ground.

And suppose that the economy is also able to provide jobs to them, the civilization will head towards neglecting social and religious aspects (the pillars of the civilization) and will prove to be threats to the advancement of the civilization.

Globally, it is the bitter truth today. Globally, the major portion of the student community is being prefering the careers with science background.

Wealth and Labour Distribution

Wealth and Labour Distribution (WLD) is the most important key to the advancement of any civilization because it has the impact on all the walks of human life. This WLD is usually uneven mainly in the weak democratic states because of the minimum control on the business activities of capitalists.  The present state of affairs of the globe, in this respect, is the best testimonial for this fact. Presently, no country in the world is enjoying the true power of democracy. 

Due to this unevenness, wealth and labour collect in selected businesses and at selected groups of people only. WCMO can correct all these flaws.

It  is an alarming fact that, presently, richest 1 % own half the world's wealth. For more details click here


                                                          This  is the present wealth distribution picture of the globe



State has the responsibility to provide job to every individual. It is in the interest of the individual and the state. The above are the ways and procedure to ensure a hundred percent employment. If the unemployment problem is solved, this can fuel the wheels of the advancement of the civilization.


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