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The fundamental cycle of Economics (PDCW)

Nov 22, 2022

In a nutshell, Economics deals with the cycle of Production of goods and services, distribution of them, consumption of them and as a result generating wealth (PDCW). The generated wealth fuels this cycle to keep it going smoothly. Any activity that takes place in any one or more of these stages, either directly or indirectly, is called Economic Activity. All the other terms/concepts/phenomena in economics are derived and defined from this cycle and walk around this cycle.. The smooth running or hard running or break down or acceleration or deceleration, etc of this cycle decides the economic growth.

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The challenges in designing hypersonic missiles

Sep 26, 2022

There is an arms race among developing and developed countries. Some developed hypersonic missiles and some are struggling to join that race. It is interesting to know what are challenges that one has to face in developing hypersonic missiles. This article briefly explains about those challenges.

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How Indian gooseberry (Amla) is a boon for human health

Sep 07, 2022

Indian gooseberry which is popularly known as Amla, is a pack of many vitamins and minerals. It not only fights with free radicals but also adds nutrition to the human body. It boosts up liver thereby the whole digestive system and make the body healthy.

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Is crypto currency a friend or a foe to the global economies?

Aug 13, 2022

Crypto currency is a digital/virtual currency which serves the same purpose of physical currency. These coins are encrypted digital files. This wouldn't be in the control of any state since its dynamics is purely driven by objective market forces of demand and supply. So its dynamics can not be molded to favour the interests of humans there by to support their economic systems. So it is not in the favour of humans.

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Is Arthritis curable?

Mar 07, 2022

Arthritis/Joint pains is handicapping the major portion of Indian population ahead of even Diabetes, Blood Pressure, etc. For this according to the German Doctors, Indian doctors are solely responsible. Indian doctors are treating this disease unscientifically, only for making money. Their thirst for money is not letting them give a right treatment. This article is flasing light on the views of German doctors on the treatment of Indian Doctors for Arthritis/Joint pains.

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An Agricultural Business Idea for Changing Times

Jun 23, 2022

Agriculture is the most neglected area of business. Though it provides the most fundamental needs for human life, the stake holders of the field i.e farmers and labourers engaged in this field, are living from hand to mouth. The fundamental reasons for this state of affairs are, 1. The glare of nature, 2. Having no idea of the market for the produce, 3. Unscientific government policies. Due to all these hurdles, farmers are unable to make both the ends meet. As a result, farmers are committing suicides. But in a scientific way, the above hurdles can be overcome and farmer can be at the profitable end. This type of business ideas can prove to be boons for the farmers and the nation.

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A great business solution for stubble burning, provides employment to lakhs of people and to boost up the economy.

Nov 04, 2021

The stubble left after harvesting Paddy, Wheat, Jowar, etc is used as food for animals. Instead of using it as food for animals, especially in U.P, Haryana, etc, states it is burnt in the fields due to the lack of time and labourers. This is leading to air pollution. In South India, especially,in the states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, there is severe scarcity of food for animals and employment in agricultural field due to scanty rain fall. The workers can be invited from these states for cutting the crops to the ground so that nothing is left for burning. And this stubble can be transported to the other states through the cheap railway transport, where the animals are starving for food. This way we can minimise air pollution, provide employment and increase milk production.

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Golden opportunity for India to take back its lost territories from China and become world economic giant.

Sep 10, 2021

Now the entire world is against the dragon due to its Corona episode and expansionist philosophy. India has been the easy target for economical and geographical intrusion of China. Now it is the right time to India to take back its territories, collapse the Chinese economy by making the Indian products the alternatives for Chinese products in the world market and become the world economic giant.

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Artificial Intelligent Search Engine (AISE)

Jun 04, 2021

These days we have fast Search Engines (SEs). But these SEs provide a number of websites which has the required information. We have to collect the exact information by going through these sites in our required file format/format/table. But an AISE can be designed which may produce the exact information that too in the required file format/table at single place as if a human did it.

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A Scientific Technique to treat COVID-19 by using COVID-19 Natural Treatment Mask (C19NTM).

May 02, 2021

There is no medicine to contain COVID-19. But the only way to contain it is to break its membrane which is made of lipids and proteins. In this article, it is explained about a scientific mask called C19NTM to break the membrane of the virus and kill it naturally in the cheapest way.

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Path of any projectile in absolute vaccum?

Sep 27, 2021

The entire universe, even the Multi-Verses are in the pool of gravity. The motion of any celestial body in these systems is affected by gravity of any other larger body. Let us assume that there is an absolute vaccum i.e the space of no gravity, no internal or external forces at all. My question is, in that absolute vaccum, what will be the path of any projectile thrown with some velocity? People may say that it is straight according to Newton's Law. When we think of the distances of quadrillions of light years, will this straight be straight only or will its meaning change?

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Is linear addition of velocities of different rockets in a system of rockets, possible ?

Sep 17, 2019

Let there. is a system of rockets having the rockets R1, R2, R3, . . . . . . . Rn with firing velocities of V1, V2 , . . . . . . .Vn respectively such that R 2 is on the top of R 1, R 3 is on the top of R 2 and so on. If all these rockets are fired with their respective velocities one after the other, starting from R 1, will the Vn = V 1 + V 2 + . . . . . . .V n ? If it is possible, then it is easy to design a system of rockets which will save the fuel, time and we can make incredible velocities of the space missions, possible. To save the payloads from jerking, the payloads may be housed in shock absorbing chamber in the rocket system.

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Why to do Higher Studies in India?

Sep 06, 2019

Quality of education is degrading day by day in India specially for the Engineering and Medical Category Student. Why to keep our next generation in India for Higher Studies? Many Countries universities have best infrastructure and quality of education.

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What is Scientific Religion?

Jun 09, 2018

I know about many religions like Hinduism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Taoism, Buddhism, Sikhism, etc, but don't know anything about Scientific Religion. Can you please explain this in detail.

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What is brain economy?

Apr 02, 2018

Can you please describe what is brain economy. For me everything is driven by brain so all economies are brain economy. Can you please answer this?

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