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Thirupalu Sep 01, 2019 01:25 PM

This site is completely a multidisciplinary research site

Human civilization worldwide is facing many a challenge majorly due to the negative activities of humans. Global warming, terrorism, unemployment, economic recessions, etc, are becoming big obstacles in the advancement of human civilization. These threats may at any time swallow the entire civilization within the few hundreds of years from now.

All these are majorly manmade and majorly the side effects of the Capitalistic Political System (CPS) - a political system in which capitalists are given utmost freedom without proper control and regulation on them by state - resulting due to the weak democratic states existing worldwide. The rational Distribution of Wealth and Labor (DWL) is majorly, the backbone of advancement of any civilization and not the scientific and technological achievements, since DWL influences all walks of human life.

The only way to save the civilization from manmade threats and early extinction is to set up World Civilization Management Organization which with the help of high-tech driven concepts of Ultimate Democracy, Brain Economy, Scientific Religion, Scientific State, Unique Identification Code, Scientific Education System, Electronic Transaction Machine, etc can save the civilization at least up to some thousands of years. I set out on a mission called mission 2031 with following objectives. 

                 The glare of Terrorism

Objectives of the mission 2031 are

  1.  To save the civilization from its early extinction,
  2. To make the earth, the most suitable place for human living,
  3.  To make the human life, a joyful experience on the earth,
  4.  To make human, the most intelligent living system in the universe.

           Together we can make the earth livable for ever

 A sincere note: For the larger readership, I will be maintaining the brevity of the articles. Actually, they will be one hundredth part of the detailed articles. Here, I could present only the main features of them. In course of putting them in brief, I missed many aspects.

The reader is requested to read between the lines to understand the gist of the articles. If the editor of any journal/magazine wants to make the articles further brief or bring changes to suit their format/comfort, he/she can do it and send for my nod before publishing.

What this site is about and the procedure for posting the articles, ideas, etc

This site is the part of mission 2031.

Scientific Research accelerates the advancement of any civilization. The principle objective of the site is to add wings to the snail pacing scientific research. Imagination is better than knowledge. Imagination, keen observation and spirit of scientific enquiry are the keys for scientific research. Almost all humans have these three.

These qualities mainly can be observed in children. There is no education system, social environment, economic system and time at the disposal of humans, to nurture and support these qualities. Instead, these qualities are discouraged, suppressed and crushed to make humans, machines and depression patients.

 Only a small part of human population, called scientists, that too not in a systematic way, is engaged in the scientific research. There are different stages in scientific research such as imagination, getting idea, experimentation, proving, getting the papers published, etc. In the present times, all these tasks are performed by a single person i.e scientist and that too their papers are collecting dust in the university libraries and departments away from common man.

Besides this, the environment of scientific research is conservative and lacking openness. Presently, the stake holders of scientific research do not share ideas, experimental results, failures, data, shortcomings, etc with the others. It is justified too because everyone has the right to enjoy the fruits of their work.

But if there is a system/platform/regulation which respects and rewards every bit of sharing of ideas, imagination, experimental data, etc proportionately, this conservativeness can easily be blown away. This will add a feather to the cap of scientific research. This site serves as the platform for the above.

Imagination opens doors to  scientific ideas and does not necessarily need any academic qualification

Whatever the scientific fact human knows is away from the reach of the common man. Then what is the use of it? It passed nearly a century since it was discovered that light bends. How much of the world population knows this fact? Any scientific discovery should reach every nuke and corner of the population.

This will bring diversity in human knowledge that will bring in flexibility in human thought. This flexibility will make human think beyond religions, castes, creeds, regions, geographical barriers, etc and make believe in the totality of humanity for peaceful coexistence.

 If all these tasks are performed by different people and if the credit of the research goes proportionately to them, would not the scientific research accelerate? Farmers, peasants, students, common people, etc can also contribute in these stages of scientific research. If the research proceeds in an inclusive way as this, no one in this universe can stop human from becoming the most intelligent biological living system at least in this universe.

 I have many ideas, inventions, etc in my mind like billions of others. No where people recognize and support people like me. One of my researches attracted even the Former Indian President Late Dr. A.P.J Abul Kalam. All these are creating disturbance in my mind like many others and I do not have the time and resources at my disposal to do the research in the present traditional way.

 So I decided to create a platform for billions of people like me who cannot do the scientific research in the present traditional ways because of lack of resources at their disposal. But their scientific ideas, imagination, inventions, etc can be put before the world through this platform to become inclusively, the part of world scientific research in a mission to accelerate it.

So this site is to provide a platform to informal, formal scientists, students, intellectuals for intellectual discussions, scientific articles, ideas, queries, imaginative questions on varied topics irrespective of category of the topic such as science, technology, mathematics, polity, religion, current affairs, society, etc.

This initiative will nurture the natural spirit of scientific enquiry in students, people of all age groups, quench their thirst for knowledge and give vent to their expressions, thoughts, ideas, etc.

 The present world badly needs creaivity and innovation

The following are the key features of the site.

  1. This is an educational and research site. Anyone can visit the site and read the content. Any one can use these scientific articles and ideas in their research, business, production, etc. But, if their research, business, production, etc leads to any discovery/invention, profit, etc, at least 51 % of the intellectual property rights in these activities, will go to the procreators of these ideas, articles published in this site. This 51 % may be in the form of royalty, name, etc. If the idea is a proved one, the entire credit goes to the procreator.
  2. Only the registered users can upload the scientific articles, ideas questions related to the field of their interest.
  3. Scientific article means a brief text consisting of, if possible, pictures, videos, supporting data, references, etc, a new solution, procedure, a creative piece of work, discovery, invention, innovation, etc related to any topic of any category such as physics, chemistry, polity, painting, art, poetry, technology, society, etc. In comment section, people can comment, constructively criticize, discuss, etc and like and dislike these items.
  4. The users may be right from laborers, farmers, common man, students, etc to the qualified formal scientists, intellectuals, etc.
  5. Posting of questions, queries, doubts may be especially from students.
  6. Users/visitors can read the content, answer the questions, clear the doubts and queries, like or dislike or comment on the articles/ ideas/questions.

After uploading the articles/ideas/questions by the registered users, the administrator will approve them on the basis of their viability before their publication. Disapproved items will be discarded without giving notice to the authors.

is one of the tools to accelerate the advancement of any civilisation

The following are the benefits offered by the site to the authors/users.

  1. If their article/idea clicks, he/she will get the credit of it proportionally according to the national and international laws. The administrator of this site will stand by his/her side and support in getting his/her right.
  2. Every now and then, based on the feasibility, best article, best idea and best question will be selected and duly rewarded. The size of the reward and the frequency of the rewards will be proportional to the income generated by the site. The selection will be based on the score in the form of likes and dislikes given by the visitors and users of the site.

Note : The final decision making authority with discretionary powers on the site, is rested with the administrator-cum-owner of the site.

 Legal and intellectual property rights.

This site is just a platform for scientific articles, discussions, opinions, ideas, etc which are purely theoretical. So the readers/visitors should make a note that for any mishappening in any form, neither the author nor the administrator-cum-owner of the site are responsible. The individual authors of these items are responsible for the truth value and other aspects of their respective items.

In these pieces of work, at least 51 % of the intellectual property rights goes to their respective authors in case of these leading to discoveries/inventions, profits, name, etc. But the individual author has to fight for his/her rights. The Administrator-cum-owner of the site has no responsibility or liability in this aspect. If it leads to any legal case, the jurisdiction of the court of law will be decided by the respective author, for his/her pieces of work and the administrator-cum-owner, for the site. Mr. Bandari Pedda Thirupalu is the administrator - cum - owner of the site. The gifts to the users will be based on the feasibility and possibility of the financial strength of the site. The gift is not a matter of right.

The Technical guidelines about the site

  1. For posting articles, ideas, etc, registration is a must. This option can be had on the top right corner of the homepage of the site. After registration, the user can login with password for postings.
  2. Posting of articles/ideas/questions may be in any language. If the preferred language is not supported by the site, typed or handwritten content/paintings/poetry, etc, may be converted into pictures and added to the the site by selecting the "choose file" in the edit mode of the articles, ideas, etc. This is at the end of the edit mode page of the site. All the other details are to be entered such as Post type, Title, Author (the user), Summary of the post, Meta title (title only), Meta description (very short summary), etc, except body content. Finally the user has to click on the "Submit" option at the end of the site to submit the posting for approval by the administrator.

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