What is brain economy?

Thirupalu Apr 02, 2018 02:33 PM

Can you please describe what is brain economy. For me everything is driven by brain so all economies are brain economy. Can you please answer this?

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Thirupalu | 10-06-2018 02:26

There is diversified human population, so their brains are. Mainly, due the heredity, different people have different aptitudes due to their brain circuits. Some circuits have good blood flow. People can excel well in the skills corresponding to these good blood flow circuits. If the task, corresponding to these skills, is assigned, he/she can do excellently. The economy also can grow fastly. This is possible if economy and the education system are in fast communication with each other. Education system, after a long period of the study of the students, will know how many of them are fit for medical field, etc. The same will be informed to the economy before hand so that, when they complete the study, they can readily be placed in that field only. For this, the economy will have to do much research in generating space for them. If the room is not possible or it can not accommodate them, it will inform to the education system so that it can train them in the other fields. This way no one will be left jobless.