How a gas geyser works and how to repair it.

Thirupalu Nov 25, 2019 25:19 AM

Now we are heading towards severe winter. Gas geyser is the cheapest way to have warm baths in winter. If one knows how it functions, it is easy to do minor repairs and find new versions.

Gas geyser has simple mechanism and the cheapest way of having warm showers in winter. 

The main components of it are 

1. Thermostat

( To control the temperature to protect the geyser from high temperatures )

2. Gas regulating coil,

(To regulate amount of gas)

3. Gas burner,

 (  To burn  the gas )

4. Input water pressure sensoring chip,

( To supply the sufficient gas to the burner in proportion to the input water supply)

5. Batteries chamber for dc power supply,


The following videos will explain the function of it clearly and how to repair different parts of the geyser.



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