Why can not we use nuclear fuels extensively in space traveling??

Thirupalu Sep 01, 2019 01:28 PM

We can use nuclear fuels extensively in space travel to reduce travel time and weight of the space vehicle.

Imagination is better than knowledge. The ideas emanating from imagination, may themselves lead to inventions/discoveries or may pave the path to new ideas which may lead to discoveries/inventions or augment the quality of ideas. So every idea, what ever petty it may look,  should be shared.  And one should not hesitate in doing so.

As we know that in space travel, from planets to planets or voyage to stars, we use fuels. In the usage of these fuels, chemical reactions such as combustion, happen. The speed of the vehicle depends upon the calorific value of the fuel. The processes, nuclear fusion and nuclear fission which produce enormous energy may be extensively used. With this we can considerably reduce travel time and the weight of the vehicle.

So, if the nuclear fuels which carry out nuclear fusion or nuclear fission in producing energy, are extensively used, I think, we can tremoundously increase the speed of the vehicles. This will reduce the travel time in space travel. Of course, there may be problems, in doing so. But, I think, these can be sorted out in course of time. 

Presently, we are able to  use the nuclear fuels peacefully in the atomic power generation, creating cavities in hills, to some extent as propellants in rockets, etc.

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