Air Pollution and Traffic Minimising Strategies for Indian Cities

Thirupalu Sep 06, 2019 06:17 PM

Air Pollution pollution and traffic problems can be minimised by adopting carpooling, public transport, natural transport and restricting number of vehicles in a family

The following strategies can be adopted to minimise air pollution and traffic in Indian cities.

1.  Carpooling : All the vehicles can be made compulsory to run with full capacity on the roads. This can be done by sharing the vehicles by nearer and nearer, known persons, colleagues, neighboures, etc.

2. Restrictiing the number of vehicles owned by a family :  Every family should be restricted to have, to the maximum of one car and one motorcycle.

3. Usage of Public Transport of big vehicles : As far as possible, the public is to be directed to use public transport.

4. Usage of natural means of transport such as bicycles, rikshaws, horse drand tongas, etc :  For the distance of less than two kilometers, for bringing vegetables, groceries, etc, only bicycles and rikshaws may be made compulsory. For more than this and less than 10 km, tongas may used.

In the implementation of the above strategies, some hurdles may crop up. But those can be easily resolved with some additions and substractions made to the strategies.



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