Solar energy exploitation to produce electricity in large scale by using larger concave mirrors.

Thirupalu Sep 06, 2019 06:35 PM

To tap the solar energy in large scale, larger concave mirrors of diameters of tens of meters, can be built with cheap material like cement and gravel. The reflecting surface can be painted/pasted with cheap shiny metallic paint/metal foil. These can be constructed and oriented permanently such that, these can converge the solar light on a big chamber fixed above the ground at required height.This chamber filled with air gets enormously heated due to the concave mirrors converging the solar light on it. With the steam engine like arrangements, this chamber will work in creating to and fro motion. This to and fro motion can be used to generate electricity in large scale.

We know that the light rays can be focused at a place by using concave mirrors. If the mirrors are larger, we can focus large amount of solar energy at a place. With this, we can use it to heat anything. The mirrors of larger diameters up to some tens of meters, can be built with the cheap material like cement and gravel at a fixed place.

The reflecting surface may be pasted/ painted with reflecting material like thin metallic foil/shiny paint. This type of many mirrors can be arranged such that all of them focus the light at a single place where a big chamber of air is installed above the ground at a required height.

This chamber will have a valve arranged inside the chamber such that the pressure difference between the inner and outer sides of the chamber makes the valve shut when pressure in the chamber is greater than the outer side of the chamber.

A model system of concave mirrors

When all the concave mirrors focus the light on the chamber of air, due to the greater amount of energy  collected in the chamber, the air in the chamber expands and pushes the piston up, to make its way out. When the air goes out, the pressure in the chamber comes down which makes the valve in the chamber open into the chamber to give the way to the outer air enter the chamber. When again the pressure goes up in the chamber due to the heat, the valve closes automatically.

Due to the increased pressure in the chamber, again the piston is pushed up. This way, a to and fro motion can be produced in the piston as it is done in automobiles, steam engines, etc. This to and fro motion can be used in the production of electricity by using dynamo/electricity generators. This arrangement may be made in a large area in the outside of the village/town/city, just like a plant. This plant will be sufficient to supply the electricity to the entire village/town/city.

The size of the plant will be according to the amount of requirement of electricity of the village/town/city. It is possible because a huge amount of energy can be concentrated at a place which makes the air extremely hotter and increases the kinetic energy of it tremendously. But the to and fro motion produced in this case may be slow but have much power.

This slow motion can be converted into speedier and uniform one by arranging gear wheels. Since the electricity cannot be saved in large quantities, at least the day time requirement of electricity can be fulfilled and to some extent night time requirement also,  by using batteries and inverters.

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