Golden opportunity for India to take back its lost territories from China and become world economic giant.

Thirupalu Sep 10, 2021 10:14 AM

Now the entire world is against the dragon due to its Corona episode and expansionist philosophy. India has been the easy target for economical and geographical intrusion of China. Now it is the right time to India to take back its territories, collapse the Chinese economy by making the Indian products the alternatives for Chinese products in the world market and become the world economic giant.

The entire world, especially India, is puzzled by the expansionist philosophy of China economically and territorially. In the Corona Virus episode, it tried to befool the world only for its selfish ends.

It is detrimental to the world civilisation. It has to realise the fact that it is the part and parcel of the human civilization and no country can exist and flourish by acting against the interests of the others beyond permitted limits especially in the present global scenario.

The entire human civilisation is a system which means there is much interdependence among humans. This fact is to be realised by every human for the good of humanity.

1. China, in fulfilling its selfish ends, it has been daring to cause air pollution, water pollution, etc, beyond limits, to fuel the climate change.

The following links are testimonials for the above facts.

2. It is producing cheap, inferior quality and harmful to human health products, only to capture the global market at the cost of the human health.

3. It is preparing itself for biological wars by doing the experiments on animals, birds, etc against human ethics and causing damage to the ecological balance.

4. Many a time, it misused its veto power in the United Nations Security Council as permanent member in the disfavor of the interests of global humanity. Veto power is meant for establishing harmony in the world and not to cause threat to world peace.

5. It has border issues with almost all the bordering countries by occupying their territories.

All the above are just due to the expansionistic philosophy of China. As a whole its activities are threats to humanity.

Every single country on the earth is understanding the above facts and they are completely against that country. If any country is supporting that country, it is just due to their selfish ends. 

If the above misdeeds of China are not checked, it will be detrimental to  the world humanity.

This is the time for the world to do that and India, because of it's big market, largest young population with cheap labour costs, can lead this campaign. In this campaign India will be benefitted greatly. In this, India can not only settle border issues with China,  replace China products in the global market and become economic giant in the years to come.

The following, in my opinion, are the strategies to be adopted by India to achieve above.

A. Border Issues.

India-China border issues

India has the legacy and the rich culture of always being a peace lover, made efforts to establish peace in the world, helped the others in need, practiced non-violence to the major extent, never intruded into the borders of the others. 

The historical events and documents are the testimonials for the above facts. 

1. Major portion of the world is in the favour of India because of its foreign policy. India should make the best use of this state of affairs. China has annexed some territories of India along its borders with India in Arunachal Pradesh, Laddak, Aksai Chene, Galwan Ghati, etc. 


India should make the old map, which was in force in British India, the present official map of India and drive away the Chinese from the intruded territories. For this, if it needs, it should take the help of the world powers such as Russia, USA, etc. They should be convinced that the expansionistic policy of China is detrimental to the entire Humanity. They know this fact and they will certainly help. India should not leave this golden opportunity. 


If India can not gain all its lost territories as above, it should raise its voice in United Nations and Internarional court of justice for the rest of the territories. Without allowing the third party it should appeal in the UNO for plebiscite in those areas. The people living in those areas will decide their territory whether to be the part of India or China. 

2. Earlier, Tibet was the part of India. It was annexed by China. Tibetans also want to be the part of India. Therefore, India should appeal in the UNO to conduct the Plebiscite in Tibet.

3. India should appeal, and convince the other global powers, in the UNO to cancel the permanent membership of China thereby it's veto power. Because China has been misusing the veto power in the disfavor of humanity.

4. If the war between India and China is inevitable, India should keep in mind that no war in the world is won honestly. China followed this mantra in all its wars with India. It also should proceed that way. Who won the war is important. How the war was won is not important. 

If the war is fought honestly, at least on the ground, China can never win. But China wouldn't fight honestly. That is why India also should use hanky panky ways to win the war. As far as the technology is concerned, it should take the help of others.

B. On the economic front.

China enjoys big trade surplus

The goods of China are of inferior quality, do not last long, not eco-friendly and not safe on the health point of view. Further, these goods create unhealthy competition in the global markets. In all the spheres, the strategies of China contribute to the unhealthy economic activity in the global economy.

The other players, to compete these goods, have to adopt the strategies of China only. But these strategies are not in the favour of humanity as a whole, as I mentioned above. This way on the economic front also, the activities of China are not human friendly.

Every single country of the globe knows all these facts. The global community is waiting for the time to teach lessons to China.

This is the right time for India to emerge as global economic giant by replacing China. India has huge market and young work force with cheap labour costs. These are some of the most important factors for any economy to grow faster if these resources are exploited wisely.

If only Indians stop purchasing the goods of China, it does not make much difference. The entire world community should involve in this campaign. The lion's share of the world  community is ready for that. 

But there should be alternative goods parallel to them in the market so that the customers can avoid purchasing China goods without straining their pockets much.

Those alternatives can only be provided by India because of the above mentioned factors. The world community needs not throw away the already purchased China goods. It is not wise to do so because the money on these purchased goods has already gone into the hands of China. If these goods are thrown away the customers will have to purchase the other goods in their place for use. This will not in any way trouble China, but it only will strain pockets of the customers. So what is to be done is not to purchase any new goods.

C. How can India provide alternative goods to the goods of China to the global markets.


India can do the above in the following way.

India abound in young entrepreneurs till the start of British rule in India.The Macaulay education system focussed on making Indians, mere servants to facilitate their transfer of Indian wealth to England. 

If any Indian is asked the question "Why you are getting educated?" the readymade answer one will get is "to do a job" that means to work as a servant. No one says that he/she wants to become an entrepreneur/boss. 

This British Education System, which is in force in India till date, is responsible for the present fate of India which, once, for the major period of time, led the world in highest GDP.

The following  things can be done to replace the China goods in the global markets by Indian ones.

The following are some of  the most important factors that pull Indians back in doing business.

  • Capital
  • Interest on Capital
  • Market Availability
  • Irrational Taxation 
  • Advertisements
  • Lacking Business Skills.
  • Technical Know-How, etc.

State can resolve all these issues with minimum expenditure in a futuristic way. It can be easily ensured that most of the exports from India are of finished goods to hit the global markets. Presently, many of the rawmaterials are being exported at incredibly lower prices and the finished goods of those rawmaterials are being imported at incredible higher prices which is a great loss to the country.

The following steps can be taken to resolve the above issues.

1.Global Market Research Team (GMRT).

The Global Market Research Team will conduct research in the entire globe for the market of different goods whose raw material is found in India and can be produced finishe goods in India. It will decide the market regions in the globe as well as in India. Besides that it will decide the region's where a particular good can be produced with the availability of the raw materials locally. It will decide the volume of the market and parallel competitors in the market and their volumes.

2. Research, Development And Copying Team (RD&CT)

The above Team will research in designing and developing the product/article in a cheapest way and will do copying the products of other manufacturers (especially of China) with difference if needed.

3.Certificate, Diploma, Graduation, Post Graduation courses in Entrepreneurial Skills Reshaping and Nurturing (ESRN).

These professional courses can be started just after standard 10. Theses  courses should cover both technical, nontechnical and enterpreneural skills. Just after the course, he/she can start his/her own business with the sure help of the government. Completion of certificate courses will make them eligible to run cottage industries, diploma for medium scale industry, graduation for just above the medium scale and post graduation for higher scale industries. 

4. No Advertisement Policy (NAP)

Advertisement takes much of the capital. On an average, about 60 % of the price of the product is spent on advertisements. This only majorly increases the price of the product which disable the Indian product to compete the Chinese ones. These businesses will run only on mouth advertisements to slash the product  prices considerably.

5. Rational Taxation.

Irrational taxation and tax defaulting are some of the major factors to hike the price of the indian product.  There should not be any taxation on the products produced in these industries to support the entrepreneur and to compete with Chinese goods. The tax may start in the third year. The tax should be the minimum. It is possible by minimizing the defaulting tax payers.The taxation will be a Single Window Taxation. The tax will be paid only at one stage. Income tax should be started after five years only.

6. An Artistic Team to make the products look attractive and cheap with low cost material

When the products of China and India are compared, the Chinese products look attractive and the products are made with cheap and waste material. This makes the product alluring and cheap to afford to. These are some of the important factors that make the Chinese products the choice of the customers though the product may not be long lasting. This happens mainly in third word countries. Of course the one more speciality of the China products is that they are available in all the range of prices to be the choice of all types of the customers, at any cost. The above mentioned team will design the products in such a way that the products are attractive, cheap and in all price range to attract all types of the customers. The research of this team shoud be included in the course study of Enterpreneurs.   

7. Capital Provision, Business Opportunity and making market availability.

The 100 % capital will be loaned by the government. Care is to be taken that the entrepreneur will be trained and given business opportunity in his/her own caste profession only. In the first five years, the government will collect only the simple interest on the loan. But all the infrastructure will be in the hands of the government. Payments will be on behalf of the entrepreneur but directly to the particular individual only and all the transactions should be digital only. The payments made to the entrepreneur will also be credited into the government account on behalf of the enterpreneur only. What he/she will take will only be a consolidated amount for his livelihood. The market availability is the responsibility of the state with the help of the Global Market Research Team (GMRT). Research, Development and Copying Team and Artistic Team to make the products look attractive and cheap with low cost material will always be supporting the enterpreneurs in designing the product. It is the responsibility of the state.

After five years, if the eanterprenuer is successful in running the business, he/she will continue the business and he/she will become the real owner of the business. All the Taxation may start from then. If he/she fails in these five years then this business should transferred to other competent people so that the government money is saved at all costs. The failed enterpreneurs will work as workers thereafter.

Conclusion :

The above article is only to focus on how to replace the Chinese business in the world market by India. Of course this will not happen in a day. It will take time. If all the above measures are taken, it is sure that the Indian goods will be cheaper or at least nearer to the Chinese ones and compete with them in the world market. Cheap labour will also help greatly in bringing down the prices. If all the measures mentioned in the above lines are taken, the Indian products can compete the Chinese products in all the spheres and the true power of India can be explored. There will be Chinese alternatives to the world community with quality and cheapest possible prices. This way India will become unemployment free and emerge as World Ecomomic Power.

This way the world community can become free from the threat of China by weakening its wallet.

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