A great business solution for stubble burning, provides employment to lakhs of people and to boost up the economy.

Thirupalu Nov 04, 2021 04:29 AM

The stubble left after harvesting Paddy, Wheat, Jowar, etc is used as food for animals. Instead of using it as food for animals, especially in U.P, Haryana, etc, states it is burnt in the fields due to the lack of time and labourers. This is leading to air pollution. In South India, especially,in the states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, there is severe scarcity of food for animals and employment in agricultural field due to scanty rain fall. The workers can be invited from these states for cutting the crops to the ground so that nothing is left for burning. And this stubble can be transported to the other states through the cheap railway transport, where the animals are starving for food. This way we can minimise air pollution, provide employment and increase milk production.

This business, by using Indian Railways Transportation, can minimise the transportation cost. The workers will get wages for their work and get  the stubble free of cost.

At the using end, this stubble may be processed, added some locally available nutrients to make it edible to animals and sold at the cheapest possible prices.

The profits are earned with low margins but due to high volumes of the business.

This business can save lakhs of starving animals and shoot up the milk production. There would not be any delay in threshing, because, at a time, a large number of workers are engaged in the given task.

But there may crop up some problems in course of its implementation, but those will be of petty in nature and can be found solutions easily. 

This business model can earn much more money.

This business is in the favour of the businessmen, Indian Railways' business, workers in agricultural  field, ecosystem, animals and dairy business.

To know more about Stubble Burning click on the linkhttps://m.hindustantimes.com/india-news/why-stubble-burning-in-haryana-and-punjab-has-intensified-in-last-10-years/story-cZG40Ey3gHIZKbtS7LjpRN.html

The business which is in the favour of the nation, will always be successful.

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