The side effects of Unregulated Capitalist Political System (CPS) on society and economy

Thirupalu Mar 07, 2021 07:42 AM

The unregulated business activities of capitalists are the major factors for human suffering. They are wasting the resources and causing damage to the ecosystem. These activities are leading to the accumulation of Wealth and Labour at selected places. State should become stronger and regulate it to save the civilisation.


From the times immemorial, human civilization has crossed many mile stones. As a result, a civilized human society has evolved on the earth. But the humans with their own negative activities are causing an irreparable damage to the human civilization.

The extinction of human species from the earth may occur. But that natural process of extinction will take at least some crores of years, if any celestial accident, whose stoppage is beyond the human intelligence, does not happen. Celestial accidents may happen at any time. In my argument these celestial accidents are excluded. The negative activities of humans are posing threats to the very existence of humans.

Material resources which support human life are depleting day by day and uniform distribution of wealth and labor is being hampered and these are collecting at very fewer places. Knowledge resources are not being systematically exploited and harvested. Ignorance is leading to negative thinking.

 Terrorism, global warming, unemployment, arms race, economic recessions, hunger deaths, malnutrition, suicides of farmers, uneducated citizenry, crime on women, suppression of human rights, diminishing of human values, unscientific education system, domestic violence,  attacking of one religion on the other, one race on the other, one country on the other, irrational exploitation of human, knowledge and material resources, imperialism, drugs and human trafficking, domestic violence, selling of human organs, etc are becoming the obstacles in the path of the advancement of human civilization.

These threats are that much gigantic that, if not checked, one or some or all can swallow the entire civilization at any time. All these threats are just the side effects of the Capitalistic Political System (CPS) which is the aftermath of weak states existing worldwide. The CPS is the political system  in which capitalists have least regulation/control on them, of state. Due to this, human life has become hell on the earth. Hardly anyone is happy on this earth. I want to start the discussion with family.

The effect of Capitalist Political System on Family

 In a family, the head of the family has to fulfill multifarious responsibilities as a parent, as a son/daughter/daughter-in-law/son-in-law, as wife/husband, brother/sister, member in his/her community/caste/creed/society, etc. One has to spend time to fulfill all these responsibilities and for himself/herself.

A rational distribution of time should be one third of time for sleep, one third to earning and one third to fulfill all the other responsibilities. But, the present conditions are such that, one is compelled to spend maximum time for earning livelihood.  One is hardly finding time for sleep. It has become a compulsion.

Stress kills creativity, innovativity, productivity, etc

Sometimes spouse is also needed to work to make both ends meet. Due to this compulsion, children, elderly people, life partners are not getting their due care and they (Head of the families) are rarely finding time for their own self.  The rules and regulations of corporates, business entities, even state departments, etc are framed such that the individuals working in them, are just money making and money earning machines.

Their irrational targets are putting the individuals to great stress and strain. They do not consider the individuals as part of a family, community, society, caste, etc and provide the individuals only money and stress at the cost of the most valuable and enjoyable part of human life. “Make the boss happy” has become a top Mantra to do job successfully. Under these unscientific work culture and work environments, individuals do not find time for innovation and creativity which can be done, only with peace of mind and self respect, this is the reason for single digit world GDP.

Due to this busy schedule, the importance and recognition of attending and celebration of festivals, functions, traditional, religious and community gatherings, etc which renew the human relations, transfer the culture from one generation to the other, act as agencies of education for children and provide social health which provide psychological and physical health required to the individuals for leading a successful life, are slowly fading away.

Other social conditions are also supporting individuals to prefer to live within the four walls of their homes. As aftermath, psychological disorders, social disorders, domestic violence, suicides, religious intolerance, etc are increasing in the individuals. The great sufferers of these odd prevailing conditions are the children and elderly people. Individuals are crossing the borders of their countries in search of their livelihood, leaving behind their families.

Individuals are somewhere, their children are somewhere, and their parents are somewhere craving for their care from their children in their debilitated old age. But, at times, it is heartbreaking that, their children do not attend even their funerals. Really, what a pitiable story is that of a human? Like this, the smallest unit of human society is being disintegrated, leading to many a problem. The cries of the elderly have become the cries in wilderness.


Forced aloofness in despair

Lion’s share of them, do not give vent to their agony to save the dignity of their children. Then one can understand what will be the fate of civilization. Who are responsible for all these? How long will it continue? Won’t there be any end to this? The capitalistic political system is responsible for that. The irrational targets set by the corporate bodies (Capitalists) are putting pressure on individuals.

There is no end to their virtual race of earning. Their irrational payments to the employees, not adhering to the working hours laid by labor laws, far away postings of the employees paying deaf ear to the concerns of the families of the employees, etc are causing imbalance and damage to the civilization. Individuals do not understand the fact that they are earning a penny by losing a pound by neglecting their responsibilities as parents, sons/daughter-in-laws, etc.

Humans have some weaknesses as following. 1. They think that they are special from others in all walks of life, try to be special and always try to show this to others. 2. They want to be smart by not straining their nerve. 3. They compare themselves with others, 4. Sex. 5. Engagement in gambling, addiction to alcohol, drugs, smoking, etc, 6. Excessive attraction towards beauty. 7. They are mad after religionism, casteism, regionalism, etc, 8 What they believe is only right and the others should follow them blindly.  Capitalists are cashing on these weaknesses of humans.   

Unscientific Ways of Living (UWL), the major cause for domestic violence

They are instilling and corroborating bad habits and unhealthy ways of living in humans to make them easy prey to their traps by their powerful advertisements and selling their goods easily. For example, fritz, A.Cs, washing machines, smart phones, cigarette smoking, shopping in malls, taking liquor, objectionable dressing, etc may not be their needs but because of their entrapment in the hands of powerful advertisements giving the message that special people only use and do these things, they spend money lavishly, madly on them (habits) and live in utopian world. 

Fridge, an entrance for many diseases

 The secrets of obesity

These Unscientific Ways of Living (UWL), are disturbing their home budgets, causing irreparable damage to the atmosphere, mounting pressures on economies, etc and are leading to the domestic violence. Their relations with the other members of the family, esp. with elderly people are becoming strained because of this waste expenditure at the cost of the most important liabilities such as their care, medical bills, etc. Individuals are using hanky panky ways such as corruption, crime to earn easy money for this waste expenditure. Recently, one man in China sold his kidney to buy a smart phone.

Domestic violence has worst effect on young minds

One can understand the extent of madness instilled by the capitalists. Disturbance of family budget due to these UWL, is the main cause for the domestic violence. Differences between wife and husband are mainly due to the disturbance of their budget and becoming mad after these UWL. These are leading to divorces and badly affecting enjoyable childhood of innocent children. Goods for these UWL such as fritz, A.Cs, etc, are indiscriminately polluting the atmosphere.  

Medical bills are increasing; people are becoming lazy, unproductive and affecting GDP and many more. Where all this money is going? Just in burgeoning the bellies of Capitalists. They are paying the money lavishly and taking multiple times of the same money back lavishly. This course of journey of wealth is creating disturbance and causing the damage to the organs of the system of civilization. In these transactions, only the capitalists are benefitted at the cost of the health of the civilization.

Uneven Distribution of Wealth and Labour

This way the uniform distribution of wealth and labor is being hampered and wealth and labor are being accumulated at selected places. As the side effects of this process, somewhere people are burning midnight oil to earn little, somewhere people are earning lavishly without their effort, somewhere people are killing time without work and enjoying and wasting the valuable resources irrationally.

Somewhere, people are dying with hunger. According to the statistics of U.N.O, every minute thousands of people are dying due to hunger. Somewhere people are left without jobs and resorting to crime and other negative activities to earn livelihood. Somewhere, people are begging, selling their organs, renting their wombs, becoming suicide bombers, becoming terrorists, resorting to drug and human trafficking, selling their children for their livelihood, etc.

The asset of human resource is being mishandled, mismanaged and indiscriminately being wasted. Productivity is coming down and economic recessions have become order of the day and many more. The great human intelligence is falling flat in forecasting the recessions due to the socially irresponsible and unhealthy economic activities of capitalists and mammoth complexity of economies. All these are leading to the accumulation of wealth and labour both at selected places. This is the root cause of all disturbances, manmade human suffering and manmade threats to human civilization.


As the discussion above, it is concluded that, the side effects of the Unregulated/Uncontrolled capitalistic political system are spreading like virus in the system of civilisation and causing damage to it. If it is not checked right now, the human civilisation will have to see its dooms day within some hundreds of years from now. It can be checked only by strong states. That is possible only by strengthening the forms of governments. That strenthening of governments is possible only by educated citizenry. All these tasks will become easier if World Civilisations' Management Organisation (An ultimate powerful International Organisation) is formed.


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