Drones to monitor the traffic of vehicles

Thirupalu Sep 11, 2023 11:38 PM

These days traffic of vehicles has become a hard nut crush. It has become a herculean task for the police, public and government. We can use drones in monitoring the traffic. They can roam on the roads with in built cameras and send the live videos/images to the monitoring stations. There the police can take appropriate steps immediately to diffuse the traffic.

Due to the increasing population, least restrictions on the purchase of vehicles, reluctance to follow traffic rules, etc, the monitoring of traffic had become a herculean task for the police. 

Due to their limitations, they can not reach every nuke and corner to diffuse the traffic. Furthermore they can not stand hours together in the hot sun, rain, etc, to monitor the traffic.

The following are the losses incurring due to heavy traffic.

1. The valuable time is being wasted.

2. Accidents are happening.

3. The police are perplexed to monitor the traffic because of shortage of personnel and resources, etc.

4. The travellers are exhausted in commuting. This greatly affect their productivity.

And many more.

To resolve this issue, in my opinion, we can use drones to monitor traffic. The police can sit in a monitoring station and receive the live videos along with the exact location. 

The police can receive orders from the moliting station and plung immediately into action to diffuse the traffic. Even drone itself can diffuse traffic on its own if a small rubber bullets' gun is fitted with the drone. 

The drone can fire rubber bullets to diffuse the traffic. It can take the images of the number plates of those who are erring intentionally and send the messages to the monitoring station for fining them.

Drones do not cost much but they can fuel the growth engines of the country.



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