Does human body vibrate? Yes, it does.

Thirupalu Oct 13, 2021 13:01 AM

As every thing in this universe vibrates so the human body. Every organ of human body vibrates and has a particular frequency. The total sum of all these frequencies will decide the human body frequency. Higher frequency of the body indicates good health. There are many ways to higher the frequency of the human body and improve the health condition.

The entire universe and all multiverses are in the pool of vibrations (internal and external). Every object is composed of atoms that form molecules. Every atom, primary particles within, vibrate so every molecule, thereby every object. Why everything vibrates and what is it's necessity, is not yet known. Any way let us focus on vibrations only.

When everything vibrates, there is no exception for human body. Human body is made of different organs. Every organ is composed of tissues together which carry out a particular function. Every tissue is made of biological cells. Every biological cell is made of molecules. Every molecule is formed by atoms. Every atom is formed by primary particles such as electrons, protons  etc. 

All these particles vibrate so the atoms, molecules, cells, tissues, organs and the entire human body. 

Every human body has it's own frequency

Interestingly, when there is vibration, there will be frequency which tells you the number of vibrations per second. So every organ has it's own frequency. The total sum of these frequencies will result in the frequency of the human body.

These frequencies have a lot to do with the health of the organ and finally the human body. These vibrations and frequencies are due to electromagnetic energy only. Therefore every object has electromagnetic field around it as I understand.

Higher frequency indicates good health

Research says that the higher the frequency is the better the health of the organ will be, thereby the human body. If there is more stiffness there will be higher frequency. If the frequency is higher that will result in better health as I understand. 

I sensed this fact some twenty years ago and tried to divise a device to measure the frequency of the human body and different organs. This would help in diagnosis of diseases exactly and treating the diseases can comparably become easier. But due to the scarcity of resources like time, physical resources, etc, I could not do that experiment. In course of time I completely forgot about that idea. 

There are many ways to higher the frequency of the body and improve our health.

Below are the links that will give you thorough knowledge about this physics.

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