Artificial Intelligent Search Engine (AISE)

Thirupalu Jun 04, 2021 04:28 PM

These days we have fast Search Engines (SEs). But these SEs provide a number of websites which has the required information. We have to collect the exact information by going through these sites in our required file format/format/table. But an AISE can be designed which may produce the exact information that too in the required file format/table at single place as if a human did it.

As we know that these days Artificial Intelligence (AI) in computer technology has become a buzzword. A virtual race is happening to automotise the machines. Artificial Intelligent buses, cars, machines, etc, are coming up. 

In the same fashion, AI can be used in Search Engines to enhance their ability to process the information.

Now a days, an SE provides a number of websites which have the searched information. We have to go through the sites to collect the required information in the required file format/fotmat/table. 

An AISE (Artificial Intelligent Search Engine) can be developed which can provide the exact information, in the required file fotmat/format/table and at a single place as if a human did it.

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