A Scientific Technique to treat COVID-19 by using COVID-19 Natural Treatment Mask (C19NTM).

Thirupalu May 02, 2021 02:00 AM

There is no medicine to contain COVID-19. But the only way to contain it is to break its membrane which is made of lipids and proteins. In this article, it is explained about a scientific mask called C19NTM to break the membrane of the virus and kill it naturally in the cheapest way.

The only way to defeat Coronavirus is to break its membrane which is made up of  lipids (organic fats, oils, etc) and proteins. Lipids dissolve in soap solution and not in water. If we are able to bring the soap solution into the contact of the virus, the membrane of the virus is broken because of dissolution of lipids in soap. This way we can kill the virus. 

But the question is how to do the above in a safe and effective manner. In the following way we can do this.

We know that everyday our lungs are dealing with aerosols of different substances in breathing. To mention a few are water vapour, nitrogen, dust, carbon dioxide, etc.That means, dealing with the aerosols having the above substances, is the regular practice of lungs. 

When this is the case we can develop an aerosol of natural soap solution in a safe manner with the same strain (concentration) the lungs are undergoing everyday.

The preparation of the mask C19NTM

A warm natural soap solution in water can be prepared with exactly the concentration that can be easily be dealt with by the lungs.

A sponge with sufficient thikness, breadth and length may be cut to turn it into a mask to cover the mouth and nose sufficiently. A rubber string with sufficient length for mounting the sponge on mouth and nose to cover them sufficiently with sufficient tightness, may be attached to the sponge.

This mask may be called COVID-19 Natural Treatment Mask (C19NTM). If needed the outward side of the mask may be covered with cloth or any other layer to increase the filtration of air.

Now the mask is ready for use.

How to wear the mask C19NTM?

The mask prepared as above is dipped into the warm natural soap solution mixed thoroughly, prepared as mentioned in the earlier lines. It may be squeezed to remove the unnecessary liquid from the mask. That mask may be worn as we do in the case of other masks.

Functioning of the mask

When the air is usually breathed in, due to the speeding air rushing into the lungs, the natural soap solution present in the sponge, is blown to mix with air. The natural soap solution mixed with air enter the lungs.

The lungs receive it in the same same way it does everyday with the other aerosols. When the soap mixed air enters lungs, the soap solution, in the form of aerosol reaches every nuke and corner of lungs.  This way the soap solution is introduced into lungs safely.

When the virus infected areas come into the contact of the soap solution, this soap solution breaks the membrane of the virus and kill it.

It is opined that, this may give instant relief and in course of time, in a very short period, the patient must come out of danger with nutritious diet and other required health precautions.

This mask may be used as preventive and cutative for the patients in all stages of infection. Some patients may develop allergy to certain soap substances. Then the soap substance may be changed to such patients.

This idea of C19NTM is meant only for the R&D persons (scientists). They will test for its safety and effectiveness. If they find that it is safe and effective, they only recommend it for the patients with proper medical and legal procedures. 

When the mask dries up it may again be dipped in the warm solution and worn. How much time and how many times per day the mask is to be worn will be decided by the R&D scientists and doctors based on their testing and using experience.

The mask is reusable after soaking it in warm natural soap solution for at least half an hour and washing it. This PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) should not have any side effect since it uses natural soap.

It is again to reiterate that C19NTM is only for R&D scienyists to test and recommend if it is safe and effective and not directly to be used by the common man.

Assumptions made in designing the mask.

1. Natural soap, since it is natural, does not cause any harm to lungs.

2. Since soap is in aerosol form, as lungs deal with aerosols in everyday breathing, it may not cause any hindrance in the normal functioning of lungs.

3. Thick sponge increases the surface area of pathways of breathed in air along with creating hurdles and zigzag paths to the air to enter lungs. This facilitates sufficient time and easy and particulate mixing of soap solution with the air to be breathed in. 

Further the virus present in the air being breathed in and breathed out, is trapped in the sponge and killed completely by the soap solution present in the sponge and the rest is killed in the infected lungs.

A Request to the R&D personnel and the scientific community of the world.

The scientific community is requested, after reading the article, to get registered on this site and comment on this idea so that changes to the idea may be brought about to make the idea deliver goods.

It is hoped that C19NTM may prove a lethal weapon in the battle of humans against COVID-19.

A Sincere Note : This mask is not meant for direct use by the common people unless and until it is approved by the competent authority of the respective country for the therapeutic use.

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Thirupalu | 29-03-2020 06:53

Dr Vimal, Thank you for commenting. Pl let me share some ideas with you. Increasing of evaporation of liquids depend on two important factors. 1. Increase in the surface area of the liquid, 2. Increase in the wind speed. And evaporation of liquids is an unending process until the entire liquid is evaporated and happens at all temperatures and atmospheric pressures, if I am right. So, in the C19NTM mask, we are increasing the surface are of the liquid natural soap by getting it absorbed in the sponge like material. The other thing is, when we breathe in, naturally the speed of the air is increased and is directed towards lungs. If I am right these two factors should create aerosol according to the factors of evaporation of liquids. One daily life example can be quoted for this phenomenon. When we wash cloths, the smell of the soap can be sensed through our nose in the surrounding areas to a certain distance. This one, if I am right is aerosol of the soap only. Here there is no increased wind speed still aerosol is possible. Of course there is increase of surface area of soap solution because we apply it to clothes which have increased surface area. If the above argument is correct, I think, it is possible to develop aerosol easily in the mask. But finally, it can be concluded only when we do the experiment. That job of experimenting is left to the people of R & D and scientists. I wrote to the Director General of Indian Council of Medical Researh, HHS of U.S.A, WHO, etc. Let us wait for their response. Dr. Vimal, by mistake your comment is deleted from the site. I request you to please upload the comment again for the above response of me