Happy National Mathematics Day today on 22nd December to all my fellow Indians

Thirupalu Dec 22, 2019 22:19 AM

Mathematics is a scientific language which takes humans into scientific imagination where even human mind can not reach. It paves the way to human mind to reach there. Srinivasa Ramanujan, being a legendary researcher, in this great subject, made the Indians hold their heads high in the world arena. This civilization has to salute him and pray to God to place his sole in rest in heaven.

Mathematics being a scientific language it does the following.

  • Expresses the rules of nature in the form of symbols in the shortest possible way with its own grammar.
  • It helps in understanding the rules of nature easily.
  • It helps in scientific research.
  • It takes humans into the scientific imagination where human mind can not reach and paves a clear way to human mind to reach there.

Many innovations proved the above facts in the history of scientific research.

Srinivasa Ramnujam proved a great researcher in this great subject.

His scientific research is not yet fully understood by this civilization.

Had he not left this world, this world would have crossed many a mile stone in  scientific research by this time.

Let us pay homage to that great soul and pray to God to place his sole in heaven in rest.

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Junaid Equbal | 29/12/2019 10:47

Every phenomenon in universe is related with Physics and Physics is related with Mathematics........