How stress can be a friend, not a foe?

Thirupalu Oct 03, 2021 03:13 PM

Stress is always considered to be a foe. But if you wait for a while and think, it can be a friend also. This can enhance one's performance.and quality of life.

Stress is always considered to be a foe not a friend 

and does the following.

1. Affects the physical wellbeing,

2. Mental wellbeing,

3. Lowers the performance level,

4. Lowers the managment skills,

5. Create turbulence in the surrounding environment such as family, workplace, etc,

and so on.

But management thinkers say that stress can be turned into advantage. If you try to control your stress, the same will go up rather than coming down. This condition will deliver negative results.

Instead of trying to keep the stress at bay, it is better to wait for a while, identify it and talk to yourself that it is preparing your body to face the challenge on hand, effectively.

A successful warrior is one who prepares for the war before hand and not in the battle field.

So your stress is your coach to train you in advance to face the challenges. 

This strategy will certainly deliver goods and train you as a warrior to face the challenges effectively and successfully.

This way stress can be turned into your advantage.

In this respect, in the below link, are the words of Susan David, a faculty at Harward Medical School

and a popular management thinker. The above strategy is proposed by her only.

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