Sure and natural cure for COVID - 19 with Guided Meditation Therapy (GMT)

Thirupalu Jul 19, 2020 19:33 PM

Meditation is the greatest invention of India to the human world. Mind has infinite power. In meditation, power of mind is systematically exploited. So everything is possible in meditation including the cure of diseases. Since meditation needs long practice, the expert in meditation can use the Guided - Meditation technique to cure COVID - 19.

In my opinion, Meditation is the greatest invention of India that is contributed to the global community. It is the well known fact that human mind has infinite power. 

This infinite  power can be exploited in doing the impossible things. Rishis, Munis, Sants, Monks, etc have proved this fact many a time. Historical events are the testimonials for this fact. One to mention in this context, is elongating the life span of humans.

We come across many examples in history that some Rishis, Munis, Monks, etc lived hundreds of years. It was just due to the miracle of meditation which we call Japas, Tapas, etc in Indian history and mithology.

As above meditation can also be used in curing the diseases and it is possible. Personally I have been successfully using it for the last twenty years. In most of the cases I came with flying colours.

I have the full confidence in it. 

The Rationale behind the Guided - Meditation Therapy

It is the known fact that, the defense system plays a pivotal role in protecting the body from diseases, disorders, conditions, etc. The defense system automatically starts fighting against the diseases causing bacteria, viruses, condition, etc when there is a threat. 

When the defense system fails in fighting as above, the symptoms of a particular disease or condition can be observed in the body. At this point of time, a little boost up will be needed for the defense system to win the battle.

In Meditation, with proper nutrition, exercise, yoga, etc, it is possible to boost up the energy of the defense system so that it can win the battle. 

But meditation can not be practiced in a day or two. It needs much time and practice. All can not become experts in a short period of time.

That is why the experts in meditation can guide the patients in meditation to get cured. That technique itself is called Guided Meditation Therapy (GMT).

In this therapy, the patients in the final stage can also be saved provided the patient should be in his/her senses i.e the mind of the patient is to be active. Using this therapy, thousands of, lakhs of patients can be cured naturally at the same time without medicine. This is possible because the treatment can be done virtually also. The treating person needs not to be present physically at the patient. Only the voice of the treating person should be audible to the patient clearly.

Of course, if the treating person/ guiding person is at the patient physically, the results  will be better. The exact procedure is not being discussed here for the sake of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR).

Presently there is no medicine or vaccine for COVID - 19. The patients are increasing by leaps and bounds in lakhs everyday in the world. The world economy is moving towards a big recession. This Guided - Meditation technique is the only way to save the world from this terrible pandemic i.e COVID - 19.

If any government, organisation, corporate body, etc gives me the opportunity to test this therapy on the patients, I am ready to do so with some conditions. As of, I know, there is no side effect and expenditure involved in this therapy. This is not only the cure for the COVID - 19 but also can be proved the cure for all the diseases, disorders and medical conditions.




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Abhishek Kumar | 25-07-2020 12:19

Very informative natural solution. One must follow it.